"Earthlings" Japan Release Compact Disc

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Earthlings Front Cover.png
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"Earthlings" Japan Release Compact Disc


Comes in a beautiful cellophane wrapped vinyl-style card case, with original art design by Gideon Juckes.

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Young And Finnish (G.Juckes) 
Mebuki (Fu-ching) 
Universal Earthlings (G.Juckes) 
Kaze No Kaori (Fu-ching) 
Chili Klaus (G.Juckes, arr. Fu-ching) 
Odko & Ochoo (G.Juckes) 
She’s So Heavy (Lennon, McCartney) 
Water Shed (G.Juckes) 


Fu-ching: drums, keyboard harmonica, sushi tub percussion
Gideon Juckes: tuba, foot keyboard, vocals

Recorded November 2016 at echo and cloud studio, Tokyo
Recording Engineer: Matsui Keiji
Produced by Gideon Juckes
Mixed by Gideon Juckes
Mastered by Yoshikawa Akihito at Dedé AIR MASTERING, Tokyo
Cover Design by Gideon Juckes
Photography by Gideon Juckes, Chiara Manuguerra
Logo illustration by Fu-ching
Thanks to Matsui Keiji
Young And Finnish contains an excerpt of “Li-ii-illall” by Emil Genetz (1914) (Public Domain)


Celebrating a universal vision of humanity, inspired by the many inspiring encounters they have had on their travels around the world, FU-CHING-GIDO's second album is a hard-hitting mix of original music, displaying a wide range of global influence, all filtered through the band's uniquely fresh and energetic approach. 

The album has been receiving rave previews: 

"These exquisite grooves created by Fu-ching and Gideon surround the whole world in a warm embrace and will inspire you to live life to the fullest! 

When the Earth makes her social debut to the rest of the Universe, let us make this album our calling card! This way, every living being across every star system will love us for sure!" 

- International Chindon Diva, Kogure Miwazow

"I've known Fu-ching a long time, since we were both Junior High School students and even back then I thought she was a bit of a strange girl. But when she told me "I've decided to form a new band!", and I heard about FU-CHING-GIDO, I thought “Yeah, I was right- she is a total weirdo!”. 

Drums and tuba... 

If you try to picture this combination of instruments you can't really form any clear idea of what their sound might be. But I promise you, this band is way cooler than you can imagine! 

Also, their flyers are always great!" 

- Koharu, Charan-Po-Rantan

"Even with plenty of space, there is no feeling of disconnection, nothing missing and nothing superfluous in these elaborate songs and arrangements. 

You can catch a glimpse of madness and poison hiding beneath the cute and cool surface. 

In this music, lightness and weight are backed up by technology and groove. 

This uncommon duo produces a spiky but gentle and approachable sound. 

Thank you guys for making an album where such conflicting elements are packed together so perfectly. 

Ah, I really need to go and see them live!" 

- Master Accordionist, Sato Yoshiaki

"This is PURE FU-CHING-GIDO STYLE! Fascinating and full of variety!" 

- Music Producer/Coordinator, Noiz Nakamura

"When I first heard Earthlings, I was both surprised and amused. I thought, “Eh? How can you match this with this?!" 

FU-CHING-GIDO's music overflows with a hugely enjoyable crossbreed of influences, which I totally recommend. 

Within these rhythms and melodies, you can feel great tension and release, and also I felt something very nostalgic about the music, which I liked very much. 

Listen to Earthlings and you will feel "THIS is Music!"." 

- Music Writer, Uchimoto Junichi

"These world-class instrumentalists have created a strong and pleasurable album. 
I love this original music, created by two people, and unlike anything else I've ever heard. " 

- Drummer, Kumagai Daisuke